Medical Technology in a demanding and evolving marketplace – Welcome to 2021

The medical-technology industry currently faces an unprecedented set of circumstances. With rising financial pressures across markets, increased scrutiny of evidence and outcomes coupled with tightened regulation. 

Throw COVID-19 into the mix and it makes for difficult reading. Organisations are having to rethink their business systems, operating models, and capability sets just to remain competitive.

At PharmaFT, we work alongside our customers to ensure that these systems and processes deliver future growth and that together, we enable the customer-facing teams and commercial leadership through improving capability. Whether that’s developing competence around remote interactions or a broader, cross-functional approach to customer engagement.

Commercial Excellence

Helping customers meet the demands of the 'new' normal. Driving commercial excellence through internal alignment and future-proofing processes and capabilities.

Account Management

Developing strong, trust-based relationships with strategically important customers through a cultural and mindset shift from commodity broker to valued partner.

Remote Customer Interactions

With customers finding themselves drawn into the Covid-world, the ability to engage and develop remote customers relationships is critical. From setting up a professional workplace through to motivating the customer to action, this is the 'new normal'.

Leadership and Coaching

Helping steer our customers towards a culture of self-development through coaching takes time, but it essential if any fast-moving organization is to stay ahead of the curve. The journey to Inspirational Leadership is one for the entire business.

Self-Guided Learning Pathways

Empowerment and the creation of a 'consequence-free' culture allow every person in the business to take control of their own learning. Using Technology-based learning, we embed sustainable working practices that will drive business growth.

Train the Trainer

Enabling the internal business is key to the ongoing success of any organisation. Whatever the learning content, we assist our customers in ensuring the wider team are well equipped to meet the evolving demands of the business.

PharmaFT helping our Med-Tech customers meet the demands of the ‘new normal’ and circumnavigate the pressures exerted by a global pandemic.

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