At PharmaFT we help our customers navigate the complexities of the increasingly challenging healthcare environment.

Whilst many pharmaceutical companies depend on new drug launches to deliver growth, there is often a missed opportunity to change the direction of existing product potential. By focusing on mutual value-creation and moving away from transactional relationships, there is an opportunity to assist in delivering improved healthcare and to jointly improve patient outcomes across the globe. The challenge, however, is to bring the company along on the same journey, something that’s proven difficult from the smallest to the World’s largest Pharma companies.

Through partnership working, PharmaFT can assist in navigating these complexities, developing early leadership engagement and enabling the organization to meet and exceed the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Market Access and Launch Excellence

Never before had it been so important for the cross-functional team to be engaged and aligned as early as possible. PharmaFT work to ensure a world-class approach to payer engagement.

Sales Training and Capability Development

There is a shift away from the transactional approach to marketing products, but this needs to be managed. PharmaFT work to ensure patient-centricity is at the centre of every customer engagement.

Account Management and Value Creation

In today's healthcare environment, it's critical we have a deeper level of customer understanding that ever before. The key skills and thought processes of effective account management must resonate throughout everything we do.

Medical Scientific Liaison and Medical Engagement

Research suggests that the best MSL's are those who are commercially astute, engage the customer well and are 'curious' about the clinicians' perspectives. Building MSL capabilities is essential for any commercial organisation.

Sales Leadership

Enabling a cultural shift towards value-based interactions is essential if we are to meet the needs of tomorrow's healthcare environment. Engaging and building a strong leadership culture and capabilities will future-proof your organisation.

From launch excellence through to developing cross-functional team capabilities, PharmaFT can assist in making your future happen, today.

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