Building capability across sectors

PharmaFT is managed and led by cross-sector professionals. We pride ourselves in having ‘carried the bag’ across most roles and therefore, take a practical and engaging approach to both our consulting and learning solutions.

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We are passionate about delivering the best custom training and development solutions to help your organisation achieve its business goals and objectives.

A logical approach to consultancy

Deep customer insights

Gain a deep understanding of client needs based on their current situation and future aspirations. Discover insights into current activities, organisational goals and challenges.

Solution ideation & co-creation

Alongside the client, engage internal stakeholders, understand specific needs and co-create potential solutions that help in delivering the client's future business vision and outcomes.

Organizational readiness

Alongside the client, plan roll-out and solution implementation. Engage local, regional and global stakeholders and enable organisational readiness.

Solution implementation

Either through internal delivery team enablement or the global PharmaFT team, implement the solution and drive commitment and engagement at all levels. Deploy technology-based solutions and champion internally.

Business impact

Having determined the success, outcomes and metrics early within the process, monitor, measure and report on outcomes and uptake. Identify lessons learned and build recommendations for next steps.

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Having a partner we can trust to deliver world-class sales training and leadership coaching is critical to our organization. PharmaFT has the experience and knowledge of our industry that sets them apart.

In order to adapt towards an evolving healthcare business environment, we need to recognize the need for continual knowledge, skills and ability development. Building capability to meet the demands of the Global, Regional and Local marketplace is essential if we are to keep one step ahead of the competition.

It was immediately apparent that PharmaFT were different. Their knowledge and personal service quickly developed the relationship and only after a short time, there was a level of trust and support we’ve not experienced before.

Working with PharmaFT has enabled us to work more collaboratively as a team. We thank the team for their support and although they are an external agency, they are also a really valuable and appreciated resource.