PharmaFT has proven its excellence in creating globally renowned and experiential technology-based learning solutions for all healthcare sectors from Pharmaceutical through to Med-Tech.

Experiential Technology-Based Learning Solutions

Sales and product eLearning

Through a unique understanding of sales and product training across commercial healthcare sectors, PharmaFT can take existing product information, knowledge or sales processes and guide the learner towards your desired outcomes.

Subject matter experts

Our consultants and development team have a wealth of practical industry knowledge and experience in medical, marketing and sales that help shape relevant content and offer an inclusive and experiential learning experience.

Translation and localization

Multi-national organisations require learning content and applications to cater to the bespoke needs of learners spread across the world. We work with translation partners to ensure the complexities of translating are managed effectively.

Simulation and scenario-based eLearning

Historically, eLearning or technology-based learning was seen as a way to increase knowledge or deliver a key messaging. Generating business impact is key and simulation or scenario-based eLearning plays an integral part of any blended learning solution. It’s where the learner can develop their skills and apply their understanding in a safe ‘virtual’ environment.

Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. With the wealth of our experience, we begin by understanding the learner’s needs and create a learning strategy that aligns well. We use our experience and unique industry insights to create custom e-learning programmes.


Bite-sized technology-based experiential learning can improve engagement and assist with retention of knowledge and skills. The effective delivery of training content as short and digestible ‘in the moment’ learning is essential in today’s modern world. With increased access to technology and media, learners are beginning to engage with microlearning content that’s easy to access and quick to digest. PharmaFT creates microlearning solutions for continual learning reinforcement or even as a stand-alone learning strategy that supports your organisational goals.

Customized ‘Course in a box’ eLearning – Learner-led

With the emergence of COVID-19, learning innovation is key. Developing ‘learner-led’ technological training solutions puts the individual in complete control of their own development as and when the time is right for them.

Coaching and Leadership eLearning

As the Healthcare industry turns toward more technology-based learning solutions, it’s important not to forget the complexities of remote coaching and leadership. PharmaFT can help build and develop eLearning solutions that aim not only at developing knowledge but the capability for the coach and leader. Experiential and scenario-led learning is essential.

Blended learning solutions

Adopting a virtual classroom-based training approach re-enforced with eLearning, will build capability and skills and can connect delegates across the globe. Organisations have realised that blended learning is not only cost-effective and timesaving, but also provides an effective way to learn.

Why PharmaFT Technology-Based Learning Solutions?

Aligning learning solutions

Needs analysis

Develop strategies and technologies to provide the right technological business solutions for your needs.

Innovative learning consultancy

Blended learning approach

Learning Consultancy that builds innovative blended learning approach and utilises technology that builds skill and capability.

Agility and focus

Adapting to changing needs

We understand the changing business environment and are experts in delivering effective learning solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

World-class innovative technological-solutions


Expertise in using multiple authoring tools from Articulate 360 through to Adobe Captivate. We are always looking to innovate

eLearning Academy – Coming Soon (Spring 2021)

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Having a partner we can trust to deliver world-class sales training and leadership coaching is critical to our organization. PharmaFT has the experience and knowledge of our industry that sets them apart.

In order to adapt towards an evolving healthcare business environment, we need to recognize the need for continual knowledge, skills and ability development. Building capability to meet the demands of the Global, Regional and Local marketplace is essential if we are to keep one step ahead of the competition.

It was immediately apparent that PharmaFT were different. Their knowledge and personal service quickly developed the relationship and only after a short time, there was a level of trust and support we’ve not experienced before.

Working with PharmaFT has enabled us to work more collaboratively as a team. We thank the team for their support and although they are an external agency, they are also a really valuable and appreciated resource.

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